Make sure that you:

  1. Have an account (and username/password) to sign in with. Need an account? Create one now... (new account help),
  2. Have been approved to bid in the auction you are interested in, and
  3. Have verified that your computer meets the necessary system requirements for the software to run.

Participating in a Live Auction

Once a Live Auction starts, you can participate in two ways:

  1. Bid Live

    If you have an account with WSF World Headquarters and have been approved to bid by the auctioneer for the auction you are interested in, you can bid in real time against other internet bidders and bidders on the auction floor using WSF World Headquarters’s real time live bidding software.

    Once an auction has started you will see a Live Now or Live Bidding button. Click the button to open the live bidding software. Once the live bidding software is launched you will need to enter your username/password.

    The Live Auction Begins!

    After signing into the Live Bidding Software you will see on your screen a picture of the lot and its opening price. When Internet and floor bidders begin placing bids, your computer screen will show the price as it changes. You will see the current bid amount and who the highest bidder is. If the highest bidder is an Internet bidder, you will see that bidders username; if it is an offline bidder, you will see the word "Floor".

    Place bids by clicking on the "Bid" button on your screen. The bid button is always updated to reflect the current asking price (the amount that the auctioneer is currently asking for the lot).

    The auctioneer can choose to take bids from the Internet or floor bidders at any point. Like a referee, the auctioneer has full authority to decide when to acknowledge bids and what the current price is.

    Before closing a lot, the auctioneer will send a "Last Call", which means that the lot is about to close. If you are still interested in buying that lot, hurry up and bid!

    All Internet bids placed during a live auction are binding, so think carefully before submitting your bids. Since live auctions can be conducted in different currencies, make sure to check the auction currency for each live auction event. You can change the currency in which you view the bid amounts in, BUT keep in mind that these amounts are an estimate and don't reflect up to the minute exchange rates. All bids are stored in the currency specified in the auction information not necessarily the currency you bid in.

    To learn more about how to bid live please view our short and informative video: click here

  2. Watch The Live Auction

    If you would like to watch the auction without bidding you can do so. Once an auction has started you will see a Live Now or Live Bidding button. Click the button to open the live bidding software. Once the Live Bidding software is launched you will be presented with the ability to watch or sign in. Click the Watch button and you will be able to follow along with the auction!

    Keep in mind that you will not be able to bid in the auction without first creating an account with WSF World Headquarters and then getting approved to bid by the auctioneer.


Having trouble during the live auction? Here are some things you can try:

  1. Even though I have an account on this site, I can't sign in to the live bidding software.

    Have you been approved to bid (instructions) in the auction? You need to be approved if you want to bid. Only users with an account and who have been approved to bid in the specific auction can bid.

  2. I can't view the live bidding screen.

    Make sure you have Java installed, this is the most common error that users come across. Please view our system requirements for more information.

  3. I keep placing live bids and I don't show up as the highest bidder.

    If there are multiple bids for the same amount on a specific lot, the auctioneer will accept the one that they receive first. If you have a slow Internet connection, other Internet bidders with faster access may beat you in submitting their bids. But don't give up! If you are willing to increase your bid for a given lot, you will eventually become the highest bidder.

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