F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

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Bidding Screen

Q. I cannot see the entire online bidding window, why? ^

A. Your screen may be set at a resolution that is too small to view the entire bidding window. The entire bidding screen should be viewable for monitors with screen resolutions set to 800x600 pixels and up. However, it is recommended that a resolution of 1024x768 pixels is used.

Q. The lot's image is loading slow! ^

A. Load times will differ depending on your Internet connection speed and Internet traffic.

Q. The lot that is currently up for bid does not have a picture or there is a logo instead of a picture, why?^

A. Unfortuneatly, not all items in a catalog will have a picture for each lot.

Q. I cannot resize the bidding window! ^

A. The window can be moved, minimized or closed, but not resized. The window size is fixed and designed to efficiently display the information on the bidding window.

Q. I click on the bid button, but my bids never seem to be accepted, why? ^

A. Please keep in mind you are competing against other internet bidders as well as the floor (if there is one). The auctioneer accepts bids on a first come first serve basis. Your Internet connection speed could also be another reason.

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